"We are very consistent on the power we use as we are a 24/7/362 business. Motors always run and the lights are on. We are always looking for ways to cut energy costs. With LLPros we saw a difference of 25.8 % in consumption of power. On the 480 volt side, even though the chillers ran and we had an increase in usage it would be fair to say that there was a savings on the 480 Volt also of roughly 20+%."

- A.W. - Director of Plant Operations Murray County Medical Center, Slayton, MN

"We manufacture our packaging on 125 different production lines. We were looking for ways to reduce our energy consumption in a cost effective manner. We turned to LLP and decided to do a test pilot in our Atlanta facility. Since we deal in pounds, kWh/lb and kWh/RH were the best metrics. The test was done over a 5-day period, which coincided with our production week. We ran the test like this so we could normalize conditions as much as possible. The short duration test data indicated that the kWh/RH decreased by 8.02% by installing the devices. Even with savings of 8.02%, our ROI is less than 12 months. We were very impressed with the results and would strongly recommend LLP as an affordable and effective way to reduce energy consumption."

- R.B. - Operations Manager Bagcraft Papercon, Atlanta, GA

"Our electrician suggested we look into LLP to reduce our kWh consumption. We understood that our environment was not necessarily the easiest place to test in because of the variable production demands we face. In our weekly test, two of the three larger meters showed a reduction in daily kWh anywhere from 1.63% to 10.54%. The meter that consumed the most kWh showed the biggest reduction on a weekly basis. Then we compared total daily kWh for November versus October and we saw a reduction in daily kWh of 8.84%. If you take into account the increase in production and the significant increase in heating degree days, our savings are more impressive. By installing LLPros, we believe our savings are in the 12-15% range and our ROI is well under 12 months. I would strongly recommend LLP as a viable, afford- able solution to reducing your energy consumption."

-R.S. - Facilities Manager Kettle Cuisine, Lynn, MA

"B&M is a 20,000 square foot aluminum anodizing manufacturing plant in New Jersey. Our machines require heavy energy usage for long hours each day. By implementing LLPro, we have reduced energy consumption at our facility by over 22%. With the low monthly program, our savings and ROI were realized in less than 6 weeks. The installation process required no down time and was well coordinated and professionally implemented by the sales and services team at LLP. I highly recommend the LLPro solution for any commercial facility looking for ways to greatly reduce their energy consumption and cost."

-D.M. - CFO, B&M Finishers, Inc., Kenilworth, NJ

"We installed seven LLPros on April 7th, 2015. We have office space, machine shop, assembly area, and injection molding shop. To remain the leader in the development of plastic valves, we are constantly monitoring our electrical power requirements and related costs. In the first 60 days post installation, we realized an outstanding 45% reduction in kWhs used in our facility. Production throughput and weather conditions were considered as we studied our savings results which were impressive, to say the least! We are excited to see significant savings going forward and would highly recommend the LLPros."

-S.L. - IT Coordinator, Plast-O-Matic Valves, Cedar Grove, NJ



"In December last year, through the services of a licensed electrician, I in- stalled LLPros at my food establishment. We saw a drop in average kWh/day by 14.98% as evident by our electric bill. Note, this January was much colder than the prior two years. We are very pleased that LLPro helped us reduce our kWh/day consumption. As a Five Guys franchisee, I highly endorse LLPro as an energy savings product that will save operations thousands of dollars. I have installed additional units at my other Five Guys location."

-A.H. - Owner Five Guys, Tucker, GA



"Install took less than two hours, with no interruption to our business. Meter readings were taken and indicated a 19.5% savings. Your consultant, Ingrid, was professional and made the process easy and seamless, including the coordination with the electrical contractor. I highly recommend the LLPro to any and all energy users in commercial establishments!"

-R.F.C - Facility Director Precious Care, Concord Township, OH

"As the largest, privately-held manufacturer and distributor of healthcare sup- plies in the U.S., our goal is to manufacture with efficiency, quality and cost control - this means diligent evaluation of our deployed technology, as well as monitoring of our energy consumption. LLPro is so cost effective in reducing our overall energy consumption that our ROI was achieved in just 2 months. By deploying LLPros, we achieved a 22% savings in our energy use, which translated into a 22% decrease in our energy bill and annual savings of tens of thousands of dollars."

-J.B. - CFO, Medline, Inc., Mundelein, IL

"I heard about LLPro from a colleague of mine and after reviewing the data and reports, we decided to move forward with the installation at the Stone- ham Ice Skating Rink. 4 LLPros were installed. We recently completed a full electric billing cycle and found that our savings from the same time a year ago was an amazing 8% reduction. Results were also normalized for temperatures that differed in the same time period. Based on the savings, our ROI is at 4 months. We are now installing LLPros at the Stoneham Police Station and then at Stoneham High School. I would recommend that if you're serious about reducing your electric bill, you need to contact these folks."

-D.R. - Town Administrator, Stoneham, MA