• The LLP works by using two redactors to cancel out spurious harmonics on the ground/neutral bus bar


  • The Redactors resist the change in current flow and therefore cause a phase shift in harmonics when current is flowing through the redactors


  • The Redactors also generate a Mutual Capacitance through magnetically generated fields when current flows through the LLP.  


  • The destructive harmonics are therefore redacted through AC phase shifting of the Inductors and energy storage generated by the magnetically generated mutual capacitance


​The system produces the rectification and optimization of energy occurs by the rectifier unit, through a group of four coils, packaged in a sealed carton, coupled to the power cooperation with distribution systems, providing an innovation to the commercially available equalization filter systems. The purpose of such a system is to disadvantages of the conventional system, since it consists of a unit Neutral electric current (AC) electric current characterized by four coil units, one pair being connected in parallel and the other neutral bus, and a second pair, also connected in parallel, connected to thegrounding, three-phase Delta Y systems.

This invention is intended to reduce the risk of damage to industrial and residential equipment, caused by oscillations of current circulating in the of current energies. The system operates through its conductive coils connected in parallel to the power distribution panel, which in turn is connected to the ground bus and neutral bus, eliminating noise and equalizing the harmonics, which differentiates from the energy equalization systems currently used.

Protects the Whole Building

Consumes Zero Energy to Function

Requires No Maintenance or Retrofitting

Reduces Annual Spend

Lowers CO2 Emissions

Improves Power Factor


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